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Sealing Technology

Sealing Technology - Basics and Application


General Informations (Dr. Bock - Freudenberg Dichtungs- und Schwingungstechnik KG)

The course Sealing Technology will be held as an online lecture in the summer semester 2021. By arrangement, all dates will be set weekly on Fridays at 8:00 - 9:30. First date is 07.05.2021. Accordingly, the following dates will always be available on Fridays at the same time via the zoom link, which you will receive after registration by mail to Mr. O. Atalay (o.atalay(at) The tentative oral exam date is 30.07.2021. For this, the exam date can also take place soon after the end of the lecture, if desired. For further information please contact Mr. Atalay at the first lecture date or by mail.




  • Market and expectation of gasket users
  • Classification of seals
  • Basic elements and their tasks and function
  • Types of friction
  • Types of wear
  • Flow in narrow gaps
  • Overview of materials
  • sealing mechanism of elastomer seals
  • Return mechanisms of dynamic seals

Materials: Elastomers: structure, compounding and processing, vulcanization, behavior under operating conditions, limits of use, Permeation

Shaping process

Dynamic seals:

  • Simmerrings (RWDR): Structure, sealing mechanism, radial force, return mechanisms, designs and product range, materials, application limits, shaft surfaces, design, FE simulation, sealing systems with additional functions.
  • Mechanical seals: Design and operation, types, applications
  • Non-contact seals: Catch labyrinth seals, throttle seals, throttle labyrinth seals
  • Protective seals
  • Hydraulic seals: Lubricating film structure and sealing mechanism, wear, blow-by, applications, Damage
  • Pneumatic seals, stuffing box packings.
  • Static seals: O-rings, molded gaskets, multilayer steel gaskets (cylinder head gaskets), flange gaskets, hermetic gaskets, diaphragms and bellows.

Online field trip with an introduction, then videos on how to make elastomer and different seals, and final discussion, Q & A.

Brief information on the lecture Sealing Technology Summer Semester 2021

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