Institute of Machine Elements, Gears and Tribology

Vehicle transmissions

Vehicle transmissions and drive technology for CV II


Lecture (Prof. Sauer)

The subject "Vehicle Transmissions" is offered in the main course of study for diploma programs and master's programs.

The interdisciplinary master's program CVT (International Master Program Commercial Vehicle Technology ) contains the same course under the title "Power train Engineering of Commercial Vehicles II: Drives and Gears".

The course will be held in English with regard to the CVT Master's program, provided that at least one foreign listener is in the auditorium. The lecture notes can be purchased in the form of a script (in English).

The lecture is 2 SWh, 3 CP, no tutorial is currently offered.




  • Introduction, function of drive systems
  • Classification of drive systems and gears
  • Gear types
  • Standard transmission
  • Planetary gear
  • Hydrodynamic / hydrostatic gear
  • Design of transmission
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