Institute of Machine Elements, Gears and Tribology

Computational Tribology I


Lecture (Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Thielen)

This lecture will be offered in SS 2021 as a block Course.

Contents of the lecture

1.derivation of the Reynolds differential equation of the Reynolds differential equation
3.discretization methods (finite differences, finite volumes)
4.solution algorithms (Gauss method, Jacobi method, Gauss-Seidel method)
5.method of progressive mesh refinement
6.deformation calculation based on half-space theory
7.coupled elasto-hydrodynamic simulation

date:         beginning: 12.11. 9:00

location:     Skype for business

beginning:  Start of Wintersemester

Lecturer:    S. Thielen

exam:        Oral, 3 ECTS



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